Kansas City Photo Booth Rental What To Expect How Photo Booth Works

What to expect when we bring our photo booths to your wedding or other event.

Entering The Photo Booth

As you enter the photo booth, the bench and background will be on one side and the camera, studio light and LCD screen will be on the other. The booth can be customized so that the camera can be on either your left or right side as you enter, depending upon the needs of your setting. The table for the printer and computer must be on the side of the camera so that the attendant can ensure the best prints possible.

Upon entering the booth, the curtain is closed for privacy. As you position yourself on the bench you will be able to see your group on the LCD screen as you will appear on the frame. Instructions will be displayed on the screen to help you choose either a color print or black and white print by using the illuminated buttons below the screen. Your session will automatically start from there. Reminders to smile into the lens versus staring at the LCD screen, a countdown between photos, and ability to see yourself within the frame will ensure the best photo booth session possible.

Time to Smile!

Once you choose color prints or black and white prints by hitting the illuminated button your photo booth session will begin. The LCD screen will display some last minute reminders to get the perfect shot followed by a quick 4 second countdown until the first flash fires. A display screen will allow you to view and position your group perfectly between each shot. Reminders to smile and look at the camera above the screen will ensure the best outcome. This process continues between each shot for a total of four frames. Don't be afraid to use props and different poses to make it a fun filled experience! After the final shot is taken it will direct you to the attendent outside the booth to retrieve your print and personalize the scrapbook for the perfect take home memories.

The Results

Once you exit the photo booth, the next guests can enter the booth and begin their session immediately. Your photos will start printing automatically upon exiting the booth. The entire print process only takes about 20 seconds for instant gratification. When the photos are done printing, our attendant will place a sticker on the back directing your guests to the secured online web gallery where they can review the photo booth sessions of all guests. The sticker contains your personally chosen password to ensure the security of your event.

Your print comes out completely dry and ready to share with others. One copy will go to your guests and the other is immediately put into a decorated scrapbook for guests to personalize. The attendent will help each guest add to the scrapbook ensuring the perfect take home memory of your event you can cherish forever.

Think of new fun ideas to make each photo booth session even better! You and your guests are encouraged to go through as many times as they like as there are an unlimited amount of prints available. Games of one-upmanship are sure to ensue creating an event you and your guests are sure to remember!